International Missions

EWPC is actively involved in spreading the name of Jesus around the world. The missions department regularly takes trips to cities in the United States and abroad. If you would like to go on a missions trip, call for the schedule of trips. Call (502) 964-3304, ext 1503.

We hope you will consider attending a mission trip with EWPC. Evangel has sent teams into over 30 nations with thousands of people being saved, healed and delivered. In addition to evangelistic crusades, our teams have also been involved with medical clinics, food and clothing distribution, construction work, and more. These opportunities will absolutely change your life and give you a new perspective on world outreach for souls.

A few basic instructions are important regarding these trips. All trips out of country require a valid passport. Passport applications can be obtained at the post office and should be mailed in 60 days prior to your trip. Some countries require certain shots for admission into that nation. Schedule an appointment with University of Louisville Travel Clinic and they will inform you of any shots needed for a particular country. Some nations also require a Visa to enter. Most of these can be purchased at a nominal fee at the airport or can be purchased through a travel service online. Payments should be made to EWPC MIssions, 6900 Billtown Road, Louisville, KY 40299. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Roger Hoagland at

Roger Hoagland