Executive Team

Bob Rodgers

Bob Rodgers

Senior Pastor

Margaret Rodgers

Margaret Rodgers

Women’s Ministry

Kevin McKnight

Executive Pastor

Darlene Miller

Operating Officer

Department Heads

Dave Keeling


Kevin Miller

CGIA School of Counseling/Associate Pastor

Troy Miles

Married Couples

Roger Hoagland


Robyn McKnight

Bob Rodgers Ministries Coordinator

Ronnie Rock

Plant / Facilities

Kedrick Tembo

Corner of Hope Pastor/
Deliver the Captives

JoAnn Scheich

Assistant to Pastor Rodgers

Glenn Brown

I.T. Director

Nadine Daughtery

Prison Ministry

International Churches

Drs. Wayne & Edna Pretila

Asian Fellowship

Bobby & Dr. Lara Fakunle

African Fellowship

Jean-Pierre & Christine Gnamba

French Fellowship

Jorge & Theresa Olea

Hispanic Church Congregation (Centro Mundial de Oracion)