Darlene Miller


Position: Operating Officer

Birthdate: Feb 17

Spouse: Pastor Kevin Miller

Children: Two daughters/sons-in-law and four grandchildren.

Education: MBA, University of Louisville

Evangel Staff Q&A

What is your favorite movie? “Pride and Prejudice.”

What is your favorite dessert? Anything chocolate.

What is your favorite restaurant in Louisville? J. Alexander’s.

What would we be surprised to know about you? That I love to flip houses. Kevin bought me a compression “finishing nailer” when I graduated with my MBA.

What’s the No. 1 most played song on your iPod? Jesus Culture, anything with Kim Walker. Also Hillsong Worship. But I also love Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you like to visit? Kuala lumpur!

Who would you like to go to dinner with? Condoleezza Rice. She is an amazing professional who exudes sophistication, intelligence and a confident demeanor with grace and class.

What is one of your favorite quotes? “All work, is good work.” I have said that to my daughters for years.

What chore do you absolutely hate doing? I love to do chores. Attack and conquer. When you are done you can see the work of your hands.

Do you have any hobbies? I love to copy great ideas, whether recipes, art designs, or to reupholster a piece of furniture.

What would you do with $5 million? Buy Kevin an airplane. He wanted to be a pilot before he entered the ministry and he has always dreamed of owning and flying his own plane.

Who is your favorite author? John Gresham.

What is the first thing you bought with your own money? I “landed” my first job at 14, washing dishes in a restaurant for $1 an hour. With my first paycheck, I bought toothpaste and a Seventeen magazine. I will never forget how proud I was of myself.

What is your favorite scripture? “I am confident of this, I WILL see the goodness of the Lord” (Psalm 27:13).

What is the hardest thing you have ever accomplished? Climbing the Himalayan mountains last year without a doubt. Also going to grad school for two years, every Saturday for nine hours to get my MBA. It still gives me chills thinking of having to go to school each Saturday after a 50- to 60-hour work week.

What are the top three things on your bucket list? See the Mayan ruins; see the monarch butterflies migrate; build anything in the ministry, a pregnancy center, a school, a worship center!

What is your greatest accomplishment? Being a mom to two outstanding young women who make my smile every time I am with them. Nothing is better in my life than these two girls, now three girls with Maddy.

When did you come to Evangel and what brought you here? We came in 1996 from Cincinnati. About six months prior to Pastor Rodgers calling Kevin, I had been praying earnestly over the spiritual exposure for my daughters, wanting something deeper and richer in their walk with the Lord. Today, they are both highly successful and married to outstanding Christian men, from fantastic families, that they met directly/indirectly because of Evangel. I know without a doubt that God led us to Evangel because of those prayers.